Iowa Coalition for Public Charter Schools

Vision, Mission, & Strategy

Vision Statement

The vision of the Iowa Coalition for Public Charter Schools is to ensure that all students in the state of Iowa have access to public education in high-quality schools, regardless of their zip code or any other demographic.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Iowa Coalition for Public Charter Schools is to facilitate the growth public charter schools in Iowa while supporting their operations to ensure quality performance.


Strategy Statement

To achieve its mission and realize its vision, the Iowa Coalition will:

  • Continuously assess the educational needs of communities in Iowa
  • Recruit the highest performing charter management organizations (CMOs) and most innovative local educators with school models that address the needs in Iowa
  • Facilitate the successful launch of new public charter schools statewide
  • Provide support services to address the dynamic needs of its member schools, including but not limited to: professional development, operational management, hiring & recruitment, and procurement 
  • Run ongoing legislative advocacy campaigns to improve the regulatory environment for operating public charter schools on the state and national level
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